Barge Loading &
Unloading Services

Services Overview

Alter Logistics’ transloading services include the following:
  • Unload barges to covered or open storage -OR- direct transferring cargo via barge/truck and reloading the container
  • Cranes, backhoes and forklifts for efficient product handling and transloading
  • Scale certified weight of cargo (i.e. lightweight, heavyweight and net cargo weight of trucks)
  • Daily reporting and issuing of certificates and other necessary documents
  • Barge draft surveys, inspections and product surveys upon request

Bulk Products & Specialty Cargo Handling

We can handle your bulk materials and your schedule. From dry goods to liquids and project cargo to fertilizers; safety and efficiency are at the forefront of our transloading operations. Alter Logistics offers innovative options for all of your transload needs.

Equipment is key for our terminal dock operations. To save time and money, we keep things moving with our dock cranes, wheel loaders, forklifts and conveyor systems at our many convenient locations.

Bulk products include but are not limited to:

We can also handle your oversized specialty cargo.

Barge to Laydown or Warehouse

Let Alter Logistics handle your inventory management and control.

Our Rock Island River Terminal location is capable of warehousing 40,000 tons of fertilizer. Inbound capable via barge, rail and truck and outbound loading to rail and truck at 400 tons per hour load system.

Our Alter River Terminal St. Paul location is capable of warehousing 57,500 tons of fertilizer. Inbound capable barge, rail and truck and outbound loading rail, truck and container.

Scale & Weighing

Lastly, we provide scaling and weighing of your bulk and specialty products. All our terminals provide truck scale and scale house services.