Development Network

The river is the artery to our business

The Mississippi River is the artery connecting the world’s global supply chain to North America’s interior via Alter Logistics’ terminals.

Network Overview

As your trusted partner, Alter Logistics safely and efficiently provides the transportation modal exchange for dry bulk products at all of our locations, as well as liquid bulk at some locations ( see below). This increases fixed asset utilization and creates new market access for our shippers.

We understand that you need to connect, create and enable access to new markets for your products and we have the transload network for you to do so. Not only that, moving freight happens in a cost-effective and timely manner when working with us.

Your satisfaction is our priority. After doing this work for a long time, what we know for sure is that the more efficient and more precise we are at helping you manage your product inventories to, at and from our sites, the more value we provide you.

Alter River Terminal | Davenport

Handled products include:

Alter River Terminal | Montpelier

Alter River Terminal | Montpelier is the former site of Central Iowa Power Company (CIPCO)/MidAmerican Energy, purchased by Alter Trading several years ago.

Alter River Terminal | Quincy

Alter Milwaukee