Laydown and
Storage Space

Large Exterior Area to Facilitate Off-Loading

When it’s time to off-load and/or temporarily store your products, machinery and equipment, space is of the essence. Alter Logistics’ laydown storage areas provide an ideal, secure space for transloading and intermodal operations at our Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois river terminals.

Our large exterior yards allow for quick, safely and efficiently off-loading your materials, such as rebar, aggregates, steel coils, metal, aluminum ingots, etc. Note that we are not limited to construction projects but we know aggregate and rebar can take up a lot of space!

No matter the vertical, everything that you’d normally need to be present in a laydown area is available at our yards.

Secure Outdoor Storage

All of our laydown storage facilities have video monitoring and secure fencing with gates. St. Paul and Rock Island have impervious laydown areas (such as asphalt and concrete) for products like coal slag and salt.

You can rely on us to keep your heavy equipment, tools, materials and other construction equipment secure and safe. Use our outdoor storage for items that are moved frequently from one job site area to the next. Contact us to learn more.

Alter River Terminal St. Paul | Approximately 40 acres of open storage

Rock Island River Terminal Corp | Approximately 20 acres of open storage

Alter River Terminal Davenport | Approximately 10 acres of open storage