Transloading Facilities

What is Transloading?

If you’re new here, we can break it down simply. Intermodal transportation/shipping* is the transfer of materials between a truck or train (one or more railcars). Transloading involves the transfer of intermodal freight between a barge, truck or train disregarding the container used at any stage in the process.

For clarity’s sake, we are NOT the shippers or transporters. We serve the shippers and transporters (our customers). Transloading is a shipping term referring to the transfer of goods from one mode of transit to another while en route to their final destination.

And, since diesel fuel prices have skyrocketed paired with a shortage of drivers for long-haul trucks, our services are in high demand. Alter Logistics is the epicenter of innovative transload solutions transloading with the capacity to meet your demand. Our medium size means we’re able to be extremely attentive and efficient.

What Can Be Transloaded?

Nearly any product can be transloaded. Anything that a barge, train or truck transported can be transloaded, but here are a few we have expertise in:

Transloading Benefits

Unless you have a railroad at your place of business and the equipment to load and unload heavy goods from a railcar, you’ll need our trucking and rail business service capabilities.

As mentioned earlier, our cost-effective transloading services with barge loading and unloading get your goods to wherever they need to go. We are equipped with a variety of heavy machinery – cranes, forklifts and backhoes – to handle your materials. We can unload and repackage your goods as well.

Since our solutions involve the unique ability to handle barge to rail to truck, or vice versa, we expedite transfer time, increase flexibility, reduce costs and simplify your supply chains.

Our process allows us to focus on your logistics and you to focus on your customers and the rest of your business. Thanks to our small but nimble management team, we’re able to problem solve quickly and with efficiency which means we don’t live in a box.

Give us your “build to suit” specs and we’ll make it happen. We’ve got many years of experience with a drive to solve your problems. Our promise to you is to execute the transloading process with safe operations, great customer service, low-cost efficiency, precision and urgency.

Facility Locations

We have regional expertise within our national transloading process. Our transloading terminals are conveniently located for market access, and cost-efficiency regardless of origin.

Your problems are what we thrive on and we enjoy solving them. All you have to do is get your shipments to us and we’ll do the rest! Contact us for more information.