The St Paul Port Authority and Alter River Terminal St. Paul recently began construction of a heavy lift pad which offer a new transload site for oversize and overweight specialized cargos and will accommodate lifts of up to 300 tons each. The Alter River Terminal location at 801 Barge Channel Road is expected to be completed the first week of November and will be ready to accept its first trans-load project.

construction of heavy lift pad along the water

The St Paul Port Authority, with a funding grant from the Minnesota Department of Transportation and matching funds from Alter, awarded the contract to local firm Carl Bolander & Son’s. Under design and engineering plans from Krech Ojard & Associates, construction began early September and is expected to be completed on schedule.

The heavy lift pad will consist of just under 170 concrete piles driven to bedrock. This substantial structure will be capable of lifts weighing up to 200 tons. The installation of this pad will add new tonnage through the port and reduce congestion of truck and rail traffic in the area. This site will be designated as the only certified heavy lift pad in the St Paul metro area and allow local businesses to move their heavy cargoes in a more efficient and cost effective manner. The facility will be able to trans-load materials from barge, rail and truck.

The heavy lift pad is located in South St Paul on Port Authority Property on 20 acres leased to Alter Logistics Company, DBA Alter River Terminal St Paul.  Sister company, Alter Metal Recycling, founded in 1898, also owns an adjacent 17 acres and has been operating jointly on the site since 1961.

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