Intermodal Services

A Reliable Supply Chain

Your supply chain only works if your products are available and get to your markets at a lower delivered cost than your competitors. Alter Logistics’ transloading and intermodal shipping services can help you accomplish your goals.

Transloading Overview

We serve barge, truck and rail modes of transportation at our intermodal and transloading facilities in Rock Island, IL, Davenport, IA, and St. Paul, MN. We work with all of the major barge lines, trucking companies, heavy lift crane vendors and container lines to move your cargo anywhere in the most efficient and economical manner. We offer regional expertise with national capabilities across North America.

Another way to look at it…

If you are a production facility, shipper or end receiver of a commodity, we optimize your supply chains by providing innovative transload solutions and connection to other service providers. The ways in which we do so include modal exchange, storage and breakbulk for various commodity trade flows that intersect Alter’s fixed assets.

Our river access far into the interior of the country, provides you with alternative logistics options and lowers your total delivered freight costs.

We work with barge carriers, brokers, heavy lift crane operators, carrier-trucking companies and other marine river terminals to service you. We also provide least cost transportation and logistics alternatives.

The more efficient and more precise we are at helping customers manage their product inventories to, at and from our sites, the more valuable we are to them, and the more often they want to repeat the cycle with us. If we aren’t growing as your vendor/partner, we’re doing something wrong!

Customer service behaviors critical to our symbiotic success include:

  1. Safe Operations
  2. Low-Cost Efficiency
  3. Precision
  4. Urgency

The culture we’ve developed at Alter means you work with accommodating, motivated professionals who value customer service. With ever-growing needs during challenging times, we are open to adding talented team members to our family.

Inquire within!

Barge Loading & Unloading

Our barge loading and unloading, rail and truck transloading services get your goods wherever they need to go. We are equipped for a variety of commodities, industrial and agricultural.

You supply the freight and we’ll provide:

  • Well maintained, heavy equipment
  • Man-power 100
  • River dock/open space
  • Handling of bulk & specialty products
  • Barge to laydown or warehouse
  • Scale & weighing services
  • Repackaging services

Rail & Truck Transloading

Rail services have seen a spike since diesel fuel prices have skyrocketed. Add with the shortage of drivers for long-haul trucks, the demand for transloading services is high. Alter Logistics knows the ins and outs of transloading (the ability to transfer huge amounts of cargo from one transport to another). Our transloading process has the capacity to meet your demand. We offer both rail and truck transfers.

Thanks to our barge loading and unloading services, your truck and rail transloading jobs are a breeze. We’ll move your products between conveyances to ensure they reach their final destination safely and efficiently. If your freight should remain in the same container, we also offer intermodal freight shipping. If not, we offer repackaging services. We are always working in the most efficient manner with cost-savings top of mind.

Fertilizer Warehousing

Alter Logistics keeps your fertilizer in ideal storage conditions. With many years of experience in good fertilizer storage and housekeeping practices, we know how important it is to maintain fertilizer quality.

We follow EHS regulations to keep your fertilizer off the ground and away from the elements to prevent caking, nutrient loss and contamination. Our warehouses are well ventilated, watertight, clean and secure. We have established Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) for our Rock Island and St. Paul Terminals.

Laydown Storage Space

Alter’s large exterior area is used to facilitate off-loading. It keeps your products segregated with secure outdoor storage, which is monitored by video.

All laydown storage facilities offer secure fencing with gates. Use our secure spaces for transloading and intermodal operations at our Iowa, Minnesota* and Illinois* river terminals.

*St. Paul and Rock Island have impervious laydown areas (such as asphalt and concrete) for products like coal slag and salt.

Heavy Lift Project Cargo

Logistics management is what we do; we look forward to it! We can handle your heavy cargo, large totes, supersacks, other large loads and loading and discharging so that everything reaches its final destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To keep your cargo moving, we offer:

  • Heavy lift cranes
  • Safety & security in handling
  • Truck scheduling
  • Managing port documentation
  • Experienced personnel
  • Supervision