We Design Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We are Alter Logistics and we are eager to satisfy your transloading needs. Highly customer service-based, your success is our success. We adapt quickly to your needs and encourage your special requests.

Our solutions involve the unique ability to handle barge to rail to truck or vise versa, unlike most of our competitors. Our assets and capabilities make us who we are. We develop solutions that utilize our services to expedite transfer time, increase flexibility, and reduce your total transportation costs to serve your customers.

Our process allows us to focus on your logistics while you focus on your customers and the rest of your business. Thanks to our small but nimble management team, we’re able to problem solve quickly and with efficiency which means we don’t live in a box. The only boxes in this business are the shipping containers!

Give us your “build to suit” specs and we’ll make it happen. We’ve got many years of experience with a drive to make you happy. Our promise to you is to execute the transloading process with safe operations, great customer service, low-cost efficiency, precision and urgency. Your problems are our problems, and we excel at solving them!

True Multimodal Supply Chain Services

We offer river, rail and truck access for moving freight at each of our sites which makes us a multi-modal transloader and intermodal marine terminal.

Why take it on?

Because we know how hard it is to locate transloading services and facilities and how expensive they are to develop.

NOTE: For anyone new to the industry, intermodal transportation/shipping* is the transfer of materials between a barge, a truck, or train (one or more rail cars). Transloading involves the transfer of materials between a barge, truck, or train disregarding the container used at any stage in the process.

*We are NOT the shippers; we serve the shippers (our customers).

Our barge loading and unloading and rail transloading services get your goods wherever they need to go. We are equipped to handle a variety of commodities, industrial and agricultural. We can unload and repackage your goods as well.

What are your transloading plans?

Whether you’re trying to move large equipment such as wind turbines and naval components or dry goods such as fertilizer, grain or salt, metals or aggregate, we have the equipment, facilities and river bank locations to ensure your success.

Regardless of where it’s coming from, all you have to do is get it to us and we’ll handle the rest! Our services include permits, managing shipping vendors and moving freight.

Simplifying Your Supply Chain

When your supply chain is simplified, your costs are lowered and your customers are satisfied. We are your timely, cost-effective solution to material flow and logistics challenges. We plan, promise and deliver.

We ensure your products reach their intended next destination by optimizing your supply chains. This is done by providing connection services including modal exchange, storage and breakbulk for various commodity trade flows that intersect Alter’s fixed assets. Plus, having river access far into the interior of the country lowers your total delivered freight costs.

To simplify your supply chain, we provide least-cost transportation, logistics alternatives and warehouse solutions. 

Give us a call for more information.